"Great teacher. He builds your playing confidence and skill and teaches in a relaxed and friendly environment." - Niall, 19

"Paul is patient and talented in equal measure. He wont judge you when you haven't done the work, but he does have this way of making you want to work harder. We call this enthusiasm, we call this drive. There's very little Paul doesn't know about guitar & music theory." - Lyndsey - 30

"I've been getting lessons from Paul for about 18 months and If he can teach me he'll be able to teach anyone! I've not got a musical bone in my body but Paul's patient and encouraging methods have meant that I can now play a selection of songs and even read (in the loose sense of the word) music. I can highly recommend him." - Paul - 33

"Paul is such an excellent teacher he's even made me better!" - Marc - 31




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