Lessons take place at my home studio in Stretford, Manchester. Now also available online via Skype! For directions, please click on the 'Find Me' link above. Lessons are designed to be as comfortable and non intimidating as possible, in a relaxed environment, and are suitable for adults and children.

Everyone is offered a free half hour lesson - no obligation.

First and foremost, I am happy to teach any age or ability. Please do not feel you are not good enough, old enough or young enough; anyone can play guitar with the right inspiration.

I can teach any style, from Rock and Metal through to Jazz, Blues and anything in between. This is for both electric and acoustic guitar.

Feel free to direct me. Lessons can be theory intensive, or just for fun; What you want is what you get.

Lessons are designed to be fun; I intersperse learning techniques and tricks with learning some of your favourite songs, whatever they are.

Lessons can be conducted in English, French or Spanish. Don't let language be a barrier!

I encourage a very basic grasp of musical theory, enough to understand how to create the kind of sound you're after.

I am also a professional producer - if you want a great sounding demo of your new found skills, or just something for reference, look no further.

Lesson duration and intensity is decided by YOU!

If there is something in particular you want to learn, whether its jazz improvisation, playing a thousand notes a second (joke!), or a particular song, just let me know.

I also teach approved Rock School grades, which can count towards UCAS points and GCSE results! Let me know if you're interested.

For prices, click the 'pricing' link above.

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