Monthly Archives: July 2017

What am I up to?

Hi folks, I just thought it was about time I updated you all on what’s going on in my world at the minute. I’m still very busy with the guitar lessons, and this remains my regular job. That’s certainly not set to change any time soon!

I’ve also now finished writing the next album for my band Spires. This will be our fourth release, and we’re hoping to start recording some time in the early Autumn. I’m very pleased with how it’s all shaping up.

We’ll also be back on the live scene later in the year as well, which is good as I definitely miss it when we have a bit of down time!

In terms of non-musical interests, as usual it’s almost impossible to fit everything into the time I’ve got! I’m a bit of a language geek, and am currently learning Spanish and a bit of Greek (not easy!), whilst trying to maintain my French. I’ve also been running a lot over the last few years, and ran the Manchester Marathon earlier this year, as well as various other races. The cycle touring is there as always, I recently came back from 12 days cycling and camping around the far North West coast of Scotland and Isle of Skye.

So that’s pretty much my life at the minute; very busy, but with things I enjoy doing. And its still a privilege to be able to teach guitar all day, I couldn’t really imagine doing anything else. If you’re interested in joining me on this musical journey, just get in touch!

Until next time…