Monthly Archives: September 2014

New Spires album update

Once again, things are extremely busy on the band front at the moment, but still teaching as normal. I’m currently recording the last few vocal parts for the new album, entitled ‘The Whisperer’, then I’ll be mixing it, and sending it off for mastering. I’m also in the process of booking a short UK tour for November / December to promote the release, which is fairly stressful in it’s own right!

We’ve launched a crowd-funding campaign with Kickstarter where you can pre-order, to help pay for the pressing and mastering of the album, as well as a limited run of T-shirts. We’ve reached our halfway goal after just 3 days, but it’s important to keep the momentum rolling, so if you like what you hear help us out here

Also give our Facebook page a ‘Like’:

More instructional blogs, as well as some videos, coming soon!

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